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Jake Oettinger
Position(s): Realistic Potential Rating (1-10): Draft Year: 0
No notes available.

Realistic Potential Rating (1-10)
10 -Generational talent (ex. Sidney Crosby)
9 -1st round draft pick (1-3)
8 -1st round draft pick (4-10)
7 -1st round draft pick (11-22)
6 -2nd round draft pick
5 -3rd round draft pick
4 -4th round draft pick
3 -5th round draft pick
2 -6th round through 9th round draft pick
1 -10th round or greater draft pick
Realistic Probability Rating (A-F)
A -All but guaranteed to play in CHL
B -Should play in CHL, could drop 1 rating
C -May play in CHL, could drop 2 ratings
D -Unlikely to play in CHL, could drop 3 ratings
E -A player that will not report to their CHL team
F -A player with no chance of playing in the CHL